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Best matte hair styling product of all time- Hairbond Moulder Leave a comment

A Review of the Hairbond Product Line | Men's Hair Care Product ...

In 2010 I found and stumbled on a Youtube video with a guy styling his hair in a James Dean style. The tutorial showed me that I can actually style my hair without using greasy supermarket gunk. The product not only build volume but was that light and dry it did not show grease.

For a decade I have not used anything else. It is hands down the best hairstyling product if you want a matte finish to your lid. I will definitely be using Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper again.

Easy to apply through the hair and it dries fairly quickly, good for me as I only have a short side parting so doesn’t take long. It is a very matted finish and it does have a strong hold!

Hairbond Hair Styling Products -

I cannot stress enough how great this Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper is. It doesn’t matter how long my hair is I can always manage to make it look great with Moulder. It is a very matte product and almost looks as if you haven’t used product, you just have naturally great hair.

Since I started to style with it I have had comments on how good my hair looks pretty much daily. nice fragrance and easy to use. Don’t hesitate, just get it.

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